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Happy Thanksgiving

What will be on your dinner table?  What must be there?  Is there a special recipe?  It’s my mom’s stuffing around here.  This year I modified it by making a bunch of different homemade breads as the base, but I count on her stuffing.  This year, my oldest daughter was even really excited about there being stuffing.  But my kids have never been mashed potato kids…that’s my other one.  Turkey, of course, some cranberries, sweet potatoes in some form and a vegetable – green beans, ideally.  That’s my list.  What’s on yours?  I’ll share some  of my recipes in the next few days.

Who will be at your table?  Over the years, the tradition of who will be at the table has evolved.  Growing up, it was family.  It was all of my family and it was wonderful.  We were mostly local and could all gather around a large table (and a side table).  My aunt brought pies and everyone contributed their pieces.  Slowly, we transitioned to having friends.  Now that family is more dispersed, we enjoy our time with friends.  Whoever you are with, whatever you are eating, I hope you can take a moment and be truly thankful.

Thankful for family, for friends, for a roof, for food, for those close and those far, who are sacrificing in their own way.  And, are you thankful for Jesus?  Are you thankful for his sacrifice?  Do you know him and are thankful for His faithfulness to us?

Remember this child’s prayer, come as a child to Him and invite Him to Thanksgiving:

Come Lord Jesus, Be our Guest

Let thy gifts to us be blessed.  Amen.

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