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Happy Thanksgiving

What will be on your dinner table?  What must be there?  Is there a special recipe?  It’s my mom’s stuffing around here.  This year I modified it by making a bunch of different homemade breads as the base, but I count on her stuffing.  This year, my oldest daughter was even really excited about there being stuffing.  But my kids have never been mashed potato kids…that’s my other one.  Turkey, of course, some cranberries, sweet potatoes in some form and a vegetable – green beans, ideally.  That’s my list.  What’s on yours?  I’ll share some  of my recipes in the next few days.

Who will be at your table?  Over the years, the tradition of who will be at the table has evolved.  Growing up, it was family.  It was all of my family and it was wonderful.  We were mostly local and could all gather around a large table (and a side table).  My aunt brought pies and everyone contributed their pieces.  Slowly, we transitioned to having friends.  Now that family is more dispersed, we enjoy our time with friends.  Whoever you are with, whatever you are eating, I hope you can take a moment and be truly thankful.

Thankful for family, for friends, for a roof, for food, for those close and those far, who are sacrificing in their own way.  And, are you thankful for Jesus?  Are you thankful for his sacrifice?  Do you know him and are thankful for His faithfulness to us?

Remember this child’s prayer, come as a child to Him and invite Him to Thanksgiving:

Come Lord Jesus, Be our Guest

Let thy gifts to us be blessed.  Amen.

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Thank you note


We’ve had a full week around here, enough to warrant at least a mini pity party.  I was all set for that on Thursday – a big self pity fest!  I had thank you notes on my to do list though.  I wanted to make sure to thank volunteers who had helped facilitate a great event a couple weeks ago and didn’t want to forget.  So I set off to write a few obligatory notes.  But thankfulness took over.

I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude for folks around me, friends, guidance, love, support but most notably the grace of God for me, a sinner, incapable of overcoming those things that overtake me.  You see, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ.  Yes, there is sin, but in confession, there is forgiveness! My identify is therefore in Christ, not in my pity party, not in the overwhelming circumstances or my pride in my busyness.  And there, in a Starbucks on Thursday morning, immersed in obligatory thank you notes, I was reminded of the source of my true gratitude.

As the Thanksgiving season comes upon us, can I challenge you to take a day and write a thank you note?  Just think of someone you’re thankful for.  Hand write a note.  Stick a stamp and mail it off.  You will be amazed how thankfulness will change you and how being appreciated will change them.

“Oh give thanks to the Lord for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever” – Psalm 107:1

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Hump Day Dinners

Wednesdays are called hump day for a reason.  If we can just get over the hump, it feels like the rest of the week might be easier.  So dinner Wednesday night needs to happen, but it also should be easy.  There’s only so much mental energy to devote to dinner on Wednesday nights around here.  Typically our Wednesday nights are either our easiest meals or just leftovers to clear out the refrigerator.  We have ballet until 5:45 so getting anything organized means a very late dinner.  In addition, I seem to find myself in the stage of life where there are LOTS of babies being born among friends and our church.  So we find ourselves sharing meals regularly.  I’ve always wanted to compile those meals into a cookbook.  I want a collection of meals that are easy to prepare in advance, easy to transport in disposable containers.


So that will be our Wednesday features: crockpots, easy to prepare, easy to share, easy to freeze meals.  Some of my favorites are salsa chicken in the crock pot, barbecue pork or chicken, chicken enchiladas, chicken pot pie and poppy seed chicken.  What are some of your favorites?  I would LOVE to know some of your favorites in this category, I’m always looking for new shareable meals.

Well, as Wednesdays are a tough night to get dinner on the table, I better go tend to that.  Tonight, it’s leftovers, quesadillas and salad.

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So years of cooking have brought me to this blog.  I hope to share recipes that our family has enjoyed – tried and approved, at least in the Hurst household.   Each day this week, I’ll introduce our themes each day.  Stay tuned for recipes next week 🙂

Mondays, in keeping with some trends, I’ll do meatless recipes for meatless Mondays.  Our family does not stick to meatless Mondays but we have a few fun meatless meals, so Monday it is!  Come back on Mondays to find some fun meatless recipes.  Some of our favorites are Simple Huevos Rancheros, Black bean soup with quesadillas, Quinoa Bean Burritos and Pesto with white beans.  See you soon.

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